Program Insights

Crafting a simple artistic creation using Papers, Cups, Straw, Popsicle Sticks & Sponge and others which you find around in the day to day use. This is a process of discovering, connecting, exploring, and trnsforming for kids.

A puzzle for kids to solve and learn math problems. Each kid is given a math puzzle to solve either group or individually. Every puzzle will be illustrated visually and give to solve as a hands-on activity.

Creating a simple tech solution with the available resources. A process of teaching the basics of Electronic Circuits with LED/Bulb, Battery, Wires, Motors, Buzzer, Switch and other related components.

A fun-filled experimental learing for kids to understand the fundamentals of science. This program provides the insight into cause and effect by demonstrating what outcome occurs when a particular factor is manipulated.

This is for kids to play with the robotic buggies / smart tech and help them navigate with different operations. The purpose of this program is to let the kids explore the world of robotics by exploring them hands-on.

Kids shall be taught how to use a personal computer/laptop. This program is all about learning the fundamentals of computing such as Basic Hardware, Operating System and Office Packages.


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