Why LearnWare?

We at LearnWare help children learn coding from a very young age as this digital age requires kids to be able to understand and work productively with the technology around them.

In every program we offer, students get a unique, hands-on developmental experience while working on various projects to apply their learning and expand their skills. In essence, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional learning, while embracing a diverse set of approaches and programs, ensuring that all our students can develop the necessary skills to thrive and tackle some of the most pressing issues faced in our world today.

The objective is to enable each child to practically create solutions using visual applications and encourage them to innovate their own digital inventions while learning the concepts behind computer science and electronics.

At LearnWare we achieve more than just coding. We also help children develop their creativity and resilience along with other key skills such as communication, decision making, analytical thinking and many such abilities, which in turn enhances kids skillsets and self-confidence as they grow.

stem accredited

Our Accreditation STEM.ORG, USA

LearnWare is proud to say its programs are now accredited by STEM.org. STEM.org Education Researchâ„¢ (SER) is the longest continuously operating STEM education research and credentialing organization in the USA.

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Member of National Chamber
for The IT and BPM Industry

SLASSCOM operates to Act as a catalyst of growth of the Sri Lankan IT and BPM industry by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment and encouraging research and innovation.

Our Member of the
Federation of Information Technology

The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) is the apex body of the ICT sector in the country covering all major industry segments such as Hardware, Software, Training & Education, Communication and Professional.

Our Partners

Our Electronics & Robotics
Program Partner

ELECFREAKS is a globally competitive micro:bit peripheral product manufacturer, which provides customers with high-quality products with high-cost performance, working closely with the micro:bit Foundation, UK.

Our Artificial Intelligence
Program Partner

STEMpedia is a globally acclaimed STEM education startup that works with tech education service providers internationally providing quality products & training services.