Dinev's Father

The LearnWare course where my 11-year-old started off with the Fundamentals in Computer Programming course was well structured and paced with personalized teaching that ensured a strong knowledge of fundamentals.

With the interest created he has moved on to the next stage of MicroBIT Programming and I would highly recommend LearnWare for any parent who would want their kids to take the first steps towards technology-based activities.

Nethuka & Keymees's Father

Thank you, LearnWare, for conducting excellent technology courses for my kids. LearnWare provides a good range of courses, which helps them to improve their problem-solving skills.

My son Nethuka (12 Years) and daughter Keymee (6 years) have attended virtual classes from overseas, and they enjoyed the time they spent. Personally, as an IT professional and a father, I'm so happy to see my kids engage with technology. I wish LearnWare all the best!

Nihilash's Mother

I appreciates the programme very much because of my son enjoy the online class with high enthusiasm.

Small group classes are welcome particularly in the pandemic lock down period. Your classes are some extend fulfil the real school life experiences also. I wish to all the best.

Maryam's Father

We love how Maryam waits eagerly for the classes on Saturdays.. we see how much she has learned and loves to learn from you all!

Kudos to learnware for doing a tremendous job in keeping the kids engaged completely during class hours!! May God bless and learnware continues this amazing journey!

Nehan's Mother

It was one of our best decisions that we made towards our son Nehan, to follow the courses at Learnware academy. He was very happy and inspired to follow your courses and gained much more knowledge about coding.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all well qualified and enthusiastic lecturers who made my son to be an inspired young corder.

Jasmine's Mother

I am so glad that I enrolled Jasmine in LearnWare Code Juniors course. Every week she is looking forward to the online sessions and she has an utmost enthusiasm in learning something new in each class.

The teachers deliver all the lessons patiently and effectively. We wish all the very best to team LearnWare!

Ishitha's Father

When looking for a proper academy yo enroll my son for coding lessons, we heard about 'LearnWare' and my son was so thrilled to join the young coders.

It is a good opportunity to divert my kid'd mind towards creative thinking despite the continuous online schooling. 'LeanWare' provides individual attention & the kids explore new learning's at each lesson. Thank you & keep up the good work.

Navaya's Father

Other than school vacation and lockdown, it's the season for anything online. The best was getting connected to LearnWare as she enjoys the sessions very much and looks forward for the class day.

Team LearnWare delivers the lessons in an attractive manner and she learned really fast. Kudos to you all and keep up the good work.

Jaiden & Mareena's Mother

With regards to your virtual learning lessons, we as parents are very happy that you’ll initiated live online lectures to keep our children occupied during this quarantine period.

We actually observed how you’ll conduct these classes and we were very happy to see the interaction between the lecturer and our children and mostly how our kids were really enjoying their lessons no matter the distance.

Arshaq's Mother

Appreciate the initiative taken by the Learware team by adopting online classes to students and make them feel curious about the lessons and trying to be on track with the techniques. Very wise and timely addition by the instructors.

Ashinth & Sashinth’s Father

My kids loved attending the program. They participated enthusiastically. Lecturers were very helpful and supportive. Especially it was worth during this lockdown period, I believe it’s a good investment. Strongly recommended.

Praveen's Aunt

I myself am a teacher, and when I saw you with Praveen I saw that you are an exceptional caring teacher with a lot of patience and that is exactly what he needed most. God bless you and the academy.

Narun's Mother

I found this online coding class for my son as a worthy engagement especially at this current situation of lock down, as it helps them to stretch their minds with fun filled learning experience in much interactive way.

I’m also thrilled to see the way the course is designed as well, as it simply feeds them with many concepts of mathematics, richness of language, analytical skill, creativity and lot more in addition to the logical coding skills.

It really gives them confidence to try things and he really loves to create his own game that he could play. I highly recommend this course for kids.

Ahmedh's Father

Ahmedh's Coding journey with LearnWare has been a very time worth and Inspiring experience as long I've seen his work and all his projects.

Due to the current situation prevailing, there were online classes held, I actually realized how interesting this field is to make a bright future that's ahead of them! Ahmedh himself tells me that he's very much interested in this! I'm glad he's learning great new stuff and hope to learn more and water these little seeds of growth.

Aahil's Mother

Being locked down due to Covid-19, i wanted to enroll my son for some program to keep him occupied. This is when i came across the coding programs at LearnWare, even though my son is only 7 years; looking at the program details i was eager to enroll him as he is very keen on IT related subjects.

Sincere appreciation to the lecturer and the course co-ordinator, the programme was very interactive and enjoyable. I am very happy and content with the decision i made. Thank you LearnWare...

Asjadh's Father

We are so happy that Asjadh was able to join LearnWare, where he is able to be creative and have fun in learning coding. I want to thank the lecturer who is teaching my son with so much patience.

I thank the whole LearnWare team. You all are doing a great job in making sure that you give the best teaching to the kids. The two hours that my son spends in this class is really worth it. Hoping to continue a long journey with you guys.

Girik's Mother

Girik loves the coding classes. He looks forward to it every week. He has found something that he can show to his friends and relatives.

As we look back the online coding classes was one of the best things that happened during the lockdown. We thank LearnWare for this excellent opportunity.

Ridhima's Mother

My daughter Ridhima has joined a very first course at Learnware Academy and we are very happy with the teaching methodology and delivery of lectures. Course content was covered effectively and presented in a manner that was easy to understand.

The course instructor is very patient with the kids , She made it easy to understand and always willing to help. Learn ware academy course will go a long way in improving software development capability and innovation ability of Ridhima. Thank you.

Maeesha's Father

With covid, all of our lives changed and our kids education became a concern for us. However LearnWare has proved this wrong. Despite covid, LearnWare’s effective, attractive and convenient way of teaching has eased our concerns.

Maeesha is always excited and eager for her coding sessions with her most amazing teachers at LearnWare. We truly appreciate and are very happy with where our child is being guided in her education. Thank you.

Ajesh's Mother

The Learmware Academy course has been a great source of inspiration for my son.

Although it's a group class my son has received individual attention. Online teaching and learning has been successfully achieved by learnware. Thankyou.

Thivakshi & Jivandi's Mother

We are very gratified with Learnware to conduct the coding program for kids virtually. Eventhough we are very far from Colombo it makes us possible to follow such course.

As she sat for the Grade 5 Scholarship examination in 2020,we had a long vacation after the exam.. now we are very happy that we have been spending the vacation period in an efficient manner with LearWare. Teachers are very enthusiastic and energetic. She is enjoying and upgrading with the classes by the day.. Thankyou!

Savinu's Mother

Thank you very much for the initiative taken by Learnware to conduct online classes at this difficult time.

My son Savinu is very interested in building simple games and animations with basic programming concepts. It was such a fabulous learning opportunity for the kids and I would totally recommend Learnware.

Dwayne's Mother

Dwayne has his own name for the course as "Work class", as he feels he is not only learning rather doing some work. It was always a thought that learning can happen only through the classsroom, specially the IT related learnings.

However this pandemic situtation changed everything and happy to see our son occupies himself through online learning at this age. Specially the interaction of teachers and how they handle the online classes are really great.

There is always a wait by my son for the weekend to come to attend the class. Appreciate the commitment of LearnWare team.

Dillon's Mother

Just like any other kid, my son also loves to spend time on digital screen. So I wanted to add value to it. Once one of my friend recommended me LearnWare's course and I enrolled my son in Code Junior program.

I'm very satisfied because I see how the teachers are doing their job. I see continuous growth of my son in his coding ability. Thanks to Learnware academy for conducting such valuable programs.

Aala & Aamir's Mother

Online classes have been an amazing thing during this covid 19 period. My kids are very interested in making their own projects. Lectures are very supportive and helpful. Thank you LearnWare....

Kanish's Father

LearnWare does a great job with their online classes. My son is enrolled for the Little Coders program. The teachers display immense patience in managing the students and ensuring work is done. Thank you for your efforts.

Mindi Ananya's Mother

Our daughter is just 5 years old and online learning was completely new to her at the beginning of quarantine. So, we were little bit doubtful whether she will be able to grab LearnWare virtual learning lessons successfully. But we are very happy to say that she is aprticipa this program with lot attending the program with much interest.

Main reason was helpful and supportive interaction between the child and lecturer. We would specially like to appreciate the course content and the flow of the program. Nicely organized. Highly recommended.

Ozman & Ozair's Father

The adoption of the concept of virtual learning by LearnWare in this prevailing situation in the country, is a great initiative which is beneficial to both my sons Ozman & Ozair and all the students studying in LearnWare.

The online classes are held in an exceptional method where the children are given individual attention, student friendly and very interactive nature. The virtual learning has also gives an opportunity to children to explore more on coding and enhance their knowledge. All the Best Learnware team..

Dilith's Mother

My 10 year old son is following a coding course by LearnWare. My personal View is that he has understood the basics thoroughly and is able to create his own IT projects.

Actually he enjoys the sessions conducted by friendly lecturers. Course contents have been designed to suit kids and it helps to keep them active in class. As a parent, I highly recommend LearnWare.

Vinudi's Father

I’m glad that Vinudi joined LearnWare to grasp ABC of coding at the age of 5, which she enjoyed a lot. It’s so amazing how the learning was structured and teacher’s approach to make each session an interesting one.

LearnWare lays a great steppingstone for kids into the world of coding, especially at very early stages. Thank you, teachers and whole team for a pleasant learning experience.

Nuha's Father

I would like to thank LearnWare for the exposure given to Nuha on coding, as she has taken interest to learn more on coding, shows genuine interest and potential to pursue a career in developing in the future.

Thanks to LearnWare I feel Nuha has identified her true potential and capabilities. Kudos to you all, you guys are doing a great job in enhancing kids strengths and capabilities. Keep up the good work!

Abdur's Mother

Abdur Rahman really enjoys doing scratch from day 1, it's the day of the week he looks forward to, excitingly. LearnWare has taught him so much, he can make his own animations for his friends birthday eCards.

I really want to appreciate and thank the teachers at LearnWare for being so wonderful, the way they interact with kids and make learning so much fun!

Anugi & Thenugi's Father

The academics were exceptional but even better was the way it transfers the technology to the kids mind in a virtual environment. Meeting with real world professional continues to propel the kids upwards in the pursuit of a better future. The teachers and administration were loving and supportive and full accessible.

Our daughters, Anugi and Thenugi were immensely successful with coding and enjoying at Learnware and eager to jump next level. Thank you to the teacher and the coordinator to their never-ending efforts. Keep up the good work!

Prithihan's Mother

My son enrolled in Python and App Inventor courses. Glad to see how online coding classes are made effective by the LearnWare team through their professional approach.

My son enjoyed the lessons and I thank LearnWare team for their excellent job.

Mershiha's Father

We got to know LearnWare during their kids workshop at an event. We parents were interested and my daughter also keen to learn coding system and future robotics.

We appreciate and must thank the teachers and team for their good work. We are lucky to have such an institute like this in Sri Lanka.

Sashane's Mother

LearnWare was the best thing that happened during the lockdown period.. my kid loved it.. he was very enthusiastic to attend the class and it was conducted very well..keep up the good work..

All the best LearnWare..

Habeeb's Father

Hi, this is with regard to the virtual online learning sessions my son M.Habeeb followed, with Learnware, we are really very much happy and satisfied with your services and the teaching methods used with qaulified teachers.

As parents, we are proud to say that from the lockdown period onwards upto now Learnware did their best services, and we thank your valued uninterrupted support. Also we are proud to say that, we did something really good to our son throughout the tough times.

Ajaishankar's Father

This has been an amazing experience for my son learning one of the popular programming languages online.

Thank you Learnware for making it possible during this 'stay home' period, my son widely used and acquired new skills and knowledge with the support of very talented lectures at Learnware. It is very worthful connecting with LearnWare and also a good start to my son on learning Python.

Nikkesh's Mother

Thank you LearnWare for inspiring my son. Nikkesh is very excited and looks forward to each class. It is pretty hard to hold his attention but the instructor does a great job.

I appreciate the time and attention the instructor spend on him. I am happy that he is enjoying his class and at the same time is gaining really important skills that will help him in future.

Kavish's Mother

I feel this is very good for kids. They are learning a lot at this young age from wherever they. Especially at a time like this, virtual learning is a great initiative. Kavish operates the computer and other gadgets on his own. Team is very active and friendly. All the best..

Hasindu's Father

First of all, I want to say thank you very much for conducting classes through online at this difficult time. My son, Hasindu is really happy with studying Robotics and I am experiencing how much he is interested to do his own coding to make games, projects with micro bit, etc.

Further, LearnWare team has designed the course to suit even students who do not have knowledge in operating computers. Therefore, I would like to recommend this course for any student who likes to learn new technology with creativity.

Vihaan's Mother

LearnWare has been a great experience for Vihaan. The Teachers are helpful and supportive and take a lot of efforts to explain things to the students.

The coding lessons develop logical thinking in the child and helps him in better decision making. We are very happy with the overall growth of Vihaan after he has joined the lessons and he is enjoying his classes thoroughly.

Rogithshane's Mother

Online classes have been an amazing thing during this quarantine; I find it has many benefits like flexible time schedule and comfort of attending from home.

By learning coding my son has also improved in Math. He is very interested in making his own projects; I see a lot of creativity. I see this as a golden opportunity for my child.

Dihain's Father

Dihain love this class. He usually doesn't look forward to participate in classes. LearnWare changed that! He excitingly waited for the next session every week. Once he heard that LearnWare is starting online classes he was extremely happy. Thank you LearnWare for making their learning so fun and exciting.