Incepted in January 2019. An organization whose aim is to empower the next generation of problem solvers and enable children from all backgrounds to learn computer programming.

Around the globe, children are being taught how to use computers and learn to code from a very young age; and we at LearnWare believe that coding is a fundamental learning requirement for all kids, regardless of age, gender, socio-economic background or learning ability in order to explore their future advancements in a rapidly growing, technology-driven world.

In an effort to eliminate the barriers of coding in children while creating awareness on the need to learn new skills and adapt to change to thrive in this digital world, LearnWare’s Coding programs are thoughtfully put together in order to spark the interest of young minds and make their learning fun! We strongly believe children are fast learners and with the right guidance and support, they can be set out to achieve just anything in life.

The organization was the brainchild of Nimeshanan Kulendra and his wife Kajani Jayaseelan. During his corporate years, Nimeshanan wanted to do away with the myth that technology is not available for everyone.

As a result, he came up with a concept to teach kids to code using a number of programs and give children the opportunity to learn and explore computer science. The Academy is located in Colombo and consists of a Makerspace for children to learn and experiment with technology. As such, LearnWare aims to not only train the next generation of coders but also create future leaders in the areas of engineering, science, and robotics as well.